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Dealing with COVID-19

The world has changed over the last few months and life as we knew it may never be the same again. At the very least these difficult months will go down in history and will not quickly be forgotten. In this uncertain time there is something we all feel is vitally important – clear communication. Messages need to be clear and often concise, there is a lot of vital information that the public need to know and these message cannot be lost in translation.

2020 compared to previous years is un-recognisable. Comparisons to the last world war are now frequently used throughout the media as the country settles into its second month of ‘Lockdown’. In such a changed environment every business is being tested to its limits. The government have helped with various schemes helping staff retain their jobs but ultimately the biggest concern for many businesses is whether or not they will make it through to the other side. 

There are many positives to be taken from this situation however. We have an amazing NHS that have worked tirelessly to care for our country. The lockdown in many situations has bought out the best in people. There is a wider felt sense of community, people are helping each other, selfishness and greed seem to have taken a back seat to generosity and appreciation. We have a century old war veteran raising upwards of £20 million for our NHS and the entire country have got behind him. Our team salute you Captain Tom, an absolute inspiration to so many.

Our  team at Coastline have also been doing our bit to carry on and help the NHS, essential workers and other businesses where we can. To date we have donated over 12,000 stickers to our local West Suffolk Hospital to aid their staff, we have cut out clear face visors for frontline workers, provided vehicle graphics to essential workers so the public know they are still respecting government guidelines and provided numerous business with various social distancing graphics.

Every little helps in these situations and ‘visual communication’ is more important now than ever. Good graphic design is not only a luxury but a necessity when ensuring a message is read and understood quickly and efficiently – especially from a 2m distance!