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The Gentlemen Movie

A Vehicle Wrapping Project in collaboration with 3M.
2020 bought with it a brand new offering from director Guy Ritchie. His latest movie, The Gentlemen, has been a global box office hit and Coastline are proud to have been involved behind the scenes during the production stages of the film.

Our 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers wrapped an Alfa Romeo for the film in a Matte Military Green colour. Starting off as a white car, our team wrapped ‘most’ of the car – we had to leave some panels for the actors to wrap during filming for the movie! The Alfa Romeo features in multiple scenes in the movie and looks fantastic.

We think Mr Ritchie was pretty impressed too!

Our wrapping team work on all kinds of vehicles from prestige sports cars to trains, planes and motorbikes. If you would like to discuss this service further please email studio@coastlinegraphics.co.uk or visit our main site for further details – www.coastlinegraphics.co.uk