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Quality and uniqueness.

Last year we learnt of a new cutting-edge piece of printing equipment. One based on age-old Swiss build quality and one that can deliver something new and different with unrivalled speed and quality. The machine was a swissQprint Nyala LED UV Printer.

My business partner, Scott, and myself travelled out to Switzerland to visit the factory and see first hand just how good these printers are. We were not disappointed and left knowing that one of those printers on the production line would soon be ours.

Fast forward twelve months and you’ll see the Nyala pumping out print nearly 24/7. It’s speed, accuracy and quality are second to none and the demand has grown so much over the last year we have had to incorporate night shifts into our weekly schedule.

But the volume it can handle and speed at which the Nyala can print was only part of its attractive features. In this post we are talking about quality and uniqueness.

I received an email detailing a new competition to find the most creative prints ever created on a swissQprint machine. A global competition that we simply couldn’t resist. So after a brief studio meeting our designers were unleashed to think up the most creative and unique projects that we could print on our Nyala.

 A few days later and the ideas were blossoming. We had ideas to create wooden airplanes, retro ideas using the 3D Droptix effect, 3D relief prints onto wood, double sided clear acrylics amongst others. Once we agreed on at least one design each we set a side an evening and headed downstairs to the UV print room.

A learning experience followed for our creatives and after a few hours we had a collection of high quality, unique UV prints ready to send over to the swissQprint headquarters just outside Zurich. We even printed our own packaging to add that nice extra touch.

The results are not yet in but if nothing else we have learnt a whole lot more about our printing capabilities and most importantly we can share these with our clients.

If you would like to know more, get in contact with the studio and pop by to see them in person.